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14 July 2011 @ 07:03 pm
Just announcing that my originally SEMI hiatus is going have to become a FULL hiatus. 
I didn't sleep for like 2 nights in a row and I probably am not getting any sleep again tonight. 
I haven't been eating properly either so I feel on the verge of falling very sick. 
I've found that I really haven't had the time to come on LJ much at this period so I haven't been able to comment on my flist's entries either. 
I promise I'll get to that once I have at least a moment of free time that isn't packed with assignments and other commitments. 
Until then, 
15 June 2011 @ 11:02 pm

to [info]kuro_chin :D

I didn't even realize that our birthdays are so close to each other! haha

You were basically one of my first LJ friends and even though we connected originally because of fandom, I'm glad that we're able to talk about stuff outside of fandom too.
We may not know each other in real life, but you seem like an absolutely amazing person.
It's through getting to meet people like you that makes me happy that I decided to join LJ :)

Of course, I am still wary of your evil moods :P
Especially since you know about my weakness with snow and any nice/cold weather for that matter haha
But know that I will not give up on finding something to fight back with /insert determined face

But thank you for encouraging me, cheering me up and just being there for me when life is being crappy. I really appreciate it :)
And so I wish you an incredible/awesome/wonderful/fabulous/+every other positive word in the dictionary birthday and may you have a blast of a time with people you love ♥
I hope that you were able to spend your birthday in whatever way makes you happiest :)

(Just to add, I believe that you got a birthday post longer than those I post for Arashi/other fandom, usually cause I'm lazy to write a long one haha. See how special you are :P haha)

Once again, happy birthday and ILY ♥ :)

08 June 2011 @ 04:05 pm
So because I've been so busy and caught up with school recently, apparently I totally did not realize that I posted my 100th entry two posts back; yes that somewhat depressing, not at all celebratory post about bad timing XD
But oh well, a 102th entry is just as good,so YAY FOR THAT

The first term officially ended on Friday, but I still had to finish up one last essay and had to go back to school on Monday and Tuesday.
Even my sister was like It's your break? I couldn't tell :/
But the 3 essays of doom are DONE, and in their place I now have 6 projects and 2 tests
Teachers hate us, I'm positive of that.
But because this is supposed to be a celebratory post, I'm not going to harp on that. Yet. haha

I finally got sleep last night, a full 10 hours :D
And I am spending at least today doing absolutely nothing productive
No work. No thinking. Just relaxing.
I like to think of it not as procrastinating, but recharging :)
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22 May 2011 @ 07:51 pm
My proposal has been completed and submitted and now I have 3 essays to finish and one presentation to prepare for in less than 2 weeks
It obviously means that I should be stopping everything else and focusing on those assignments, but I am having some serious issues focusing :/
It's like I click into one psychology journal and read one line and then I get distracted already.
I mean I've always had some issues with procrastination but like the whole focusing and getting things done wasn't always THIS much of an issue before.
I am really hoping that I'll be able to get things done and that I'll get them done well.

I read about the whole Music Bank in Tokyo Dome thing recently also.
I personally am not too thrilled about it either. I'm not going to blow up with complaints, but I really do agree with some comments that I read.
I don't want to be rude or offensive, I myself am also a kpop fan, but really, it's unfair.
It's unfair to so many Japanese artists who have worked so hard and so long to get to Tokyo Dome, and to those who are still working their butts off to reach that prestigious stage, and yet now a number of rookies are going to be able to just go there and perform.
I honestly think they really shouldn't have chosen to hold it at Tokyo Dome.
And this isn't even bringing up the situation in Japan at the moment. Many people are talking about whether money from this event will be donated to charity and about the amount of energy that will be used when Japan is trying to save as much energy as possible currently :/
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Or anywhere COLD for that matter.
Right now it is the period where the weather here is really gross. Like extremely.
Even people who live here all their life will still not be able to get used to this.
The temperatures have been constantly at like 35°C- 37°C (like almost nearing 100°F)
And the problem is not just that the temperature is high and the sun is super bright and hot, the humidity is like at 84% and above.
Honestly, it's been like around 3 days since the weather started to get really this bad and I'm ready to like move to another country already lol
Sadly, it's probably going to be this way for the next few months
We're probably going to be spending quite a bit on electricity for quite a while lol

My laptop completely died yesterday.
So now I have one slow desktop that could use some reformating, and one laptop that has everything gone.
Luckily the majority of my files are in my desktop cause my laptop isn't backed up :/

I need to start writing my proposal since it's due like next week, but I'm not getting any inspiration whatsoever.
Usually once I get like the introduction done, then I mostly have that momentum of writing already. But it's getting the introduction started to begin with that's the problem haha.
Hoping to be struck by some inspiration SOON xD
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14 March 2011 @ 11:14 pm

I don't even know how to start this entry...
The whole situation in Japan really leaves me at a loss of words.
I'm really glad about those who are safe~
Thankfully it wasn't spring break yet and so most of my Japanese friends are safe here, and it seems like those who are in Japan are safe too.
And for everyone else, I really really really hope they will be fine :( 
I for one am the sort who can't read like all the news about what's going on because it really gets to me, but I still hear about just the horror about what's going on... and just D:
I hope the situations don't get any worse and I hope things will be able to work out.

Seeing how so many people are helping is amazing though.
$6000 raised at [info]arashi_on already?
There can be times where you just find fandoms to be ridiculous and crazy, but this time it's crazy in a good way. Absolutely amazing ♥♥
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06 February 2011 @ 12:36 am

So I have decided that I will take a semi-hiatus till March which is when my semester will finally end.
I haven't been able to post much at all recently and it will probably stay this way for this whole month, so I figured I would just take a short break and at the same time try to decrease my distractions XD haha
School work has officially piled on to the max, and since exam dates also officially came out a while ago, it makes it even more real >_<
I'll still come on livejournal of course, and I'll try to continue commenting also :)
The hiatus is more so towards posting on my own journal~
This is so you guys know that I'm not dead yet if you don't see me post anything for like a month haha.
Well, hopefully I won't be dead yet LOL
But well, the last time I had exams I created my LJ, so it's possible that I would cheat this time too haha
So until whenever the next time is that I post a new entry, love you guys ♥ :)

P.S. amorbuffer I hope you had an absolutely amazing birthday my dear! ♥
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25 January 2011 @ 10:27 pm

But Happy Birthday Sho! ♥♥
I had a ridiculously crappy day, so it was nice to come home and see so many goodies for Sho's birthday when checking my flist.
So once again, Arashi saves the day? haha
(multi-tasking and downloading like crazy lol)
Once again, I shouldn't actually be on LJ since I need to finish up some ppt slides within like the next half hour. I just gave myself a heart attack a few moments ago by overriding my work with the older file that I had. Luckily I had the latest version in my laptop and I transferred it to my desktop again.
But I didn't want to miss Sho's birthday haha, so I allowed myself a quick post haha.
Sakurai Sho, you are constantly drawing my attention away from Ohno and to you instead, especially in the last few months. I have more Sho icons saved on my computer than Ohno icons now XD
You are an absolutely amazing person and wonderfully talented as well.
Hope you had a great birthday and enjoy this year before you join Riida in having entered your 30s too haha

P.S. I miss your drawings. Even though Shukudai-kun is over, you should just find a random reason to draw and show your masterpieces to us hahaha ♥